Freedom from Fear, Freedom to Flourish!


With all the hussle and bussle of modern day living, it's hardly surprising that people get stuck in a rut. It's human nature to seek solace in "comforting" activities such as eating, drinking or smoking. The only trouble is that often these "comforts"can lead to ill health, depression and end up adding to the stresses of daily life. We have all made New Year's Resolutions, either to stop drinking, give up smoking, or lose weight, but how many of these good intentions go out of the window before January is out?

How many times have you dreamt about being a success in something, but fear has held you back? What impact has a phobia had on your life? How long have you been held hostage to your limiting beliefs?

Everyone needs help achieving their goals from time to time. That's what Positive Difference Life Coaching is here for: we offer help to become free from the bad habits, and free to be the person you want to be!